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First & Bloom announces, The Horizons Floral Collection

First & Bloom announces, The Horizons Floral Collection

First & Bloom has finally launched a new collection of arrangements to order for local delivery, after many years!

Growing up on the Columbia Plateau of Eastern Washington, sunsets have long been a favorite of mine. I can literally stay inside all day. But, as soon as the afternoon heat breaks, I slip on my flip flops and head out to the door to finish the evening outside. Watching for a beautiful sunset, was a nightly routine for me as a teenager, and hasn't changed now as an adult. I simply adore sunsets. 

There's something about the colors in the sky.  The calmness in the night. The air almost has a different sound. Everything is settling down.  Well, except for the coyotes and bears where I live now in the Snoqualmie Valley.  

I also love the organic line of a horizon. It can be completely flat or show the silhouette of a rocky mountain peak. There's just something about the dark balance of the ground beneath and the layers of soft transitional colors extending up into the night sky.  I love it!! I'll stay out to watch the sky change from light to dark or until the mosquitoes get too bad. 

I can't tell you how many images of sunsets and flowers I have on my phone. Way too many!!  However, there are a few horizons which have captured my heart and inspired me to create, The Horizons Floral Collection. Let's take a quick tour of the first two now available on First & Bloom for local delivery.

Somewhere Between Here & There, $99 + delivery & tax

My parents live in the Spokane, WA area. Several times a year, I visit them, a long five-hour drive across the state. The central part of Washington is a high desert; home to the Columbia Plateau a geological rock formation created millions of years ago by great lava floods. Some would say Interstate 90, which connects Seattle to Spokane, is one of the most boring drives EVER!  Surrounded by rolling hills of sagebrush and crops like wheat, alfalfa, and corn to name a few, it's definitely a barren landscape of fields and the occasional farmhouse. 

However, to me it's one of the most beautiful locations I've ever seen. I love the wide-open space. The flat horizon and seemingly endless sky allows my mind to unwind and literally think clearer. 

The location of this particular image (below) is literally, Somewhere Between Here & There, or Ritzville, Washington. I took this photo after walking out to my car from the local Starbucks. On one side of the road is a gas station, a Starbucks and Best Western Hotel.  On the other side of the road was this gorgeous field of wheat, a barn, and blue sky. It was a remarkable site of simplicity. I had to capture it.  It reminds me so much of my real home. 

The Somewhere Between Here & There arrangement has a soft, simple color palette of whites, blue and a subtle hint of tan and a small pop of yellow. It is perfect for any occasion. Flowers change with the season but will likely always contain roses, greenery and a few sprigs of dried wheat.

Somewhere Between Here & There floral arrangement

Photo of Ritzville, WA


Through the Woods, $99 + delivery & tax

I have a very long driveway.  It feels particularly long and painful walking the garbage can out to the road, but even by car, it's not like most driveways. It winds down a grove of alder trees cutting into the wetlands shared by all neighbors. Soon enough, you'll come out of the trees and drive along the front of the pasture in a meadow-like country setting. It's here just before clearing the trees one looks through the woods to see a gorgeous sky no matter what time of day. The curve of the driveway encourages the eye to see more!
I have taken countless images of this exact spot over the years. On this particular evening, the sky glowed smokey pinks and oranges. Quite literally, the sky was filled with smoke from distant wildfires, which gave off the most gorgeous colors at sunset. Looking closer, one sees shades of green, a touch of purple, plus browns and greys. 
Sometimes on evenings when driving home and know the sunset is going to be particularly good, I can't wait to reach this spot and see what it looks like.  I'll stop the car, turn off the lights and walk out to take a photo standing amongst the trees and shadows, if only for a brief moment.
The Through the Woods arrangement is a mixture of pinks, whites, a touch of purple and filled with greenery.  There may also be the small texture of dried alder branches and lichen or something I've collected from the woods. Flowers will change with the season, but roses will likely be present amongst other local blooms. 


Through the Woods floral arrangement

Through the Woods image


Nature has always been an inspiration seen within my designs.  Yet, as the years go by, I continuously come back to certain locations again and again. It doesn't matter the time of year or the weather forecast, I always see the beauty in these horizons. -TM