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First & Bloom is Now LORA Bloom

"Hello! If you are a returning customer or discovering this site for the first time, please visit LORA Bloom! I currently have eleven partnering florists from Bellingham to Bellevue and West Seattle to Maple Valley. You can anticipate the same high quality and service. I've developed a new brand and hope to expand to other states soon!" - Tammy Myers

 In 2014, Tammy Myers started a small florist business called First & Bloom. Working out of her small kitchen, she built a trusted reputation for providing high quality flowers and service to customers across Seattle's Eastside for nearly 5 years.

In late 2018, Myers came to a crossroads with her business. Continue to grow locally or help solve a common problem both floral consumers and florists experience daily. Option two was risky... like extremely risky! Loving a challenge, she made a decision and never looked back.

Much has happened in the last two years. The initial concept was a mobile platform which proved heavy challenges by the end of 2019. Unrelenting on the wholehearted belief this is what the floral industry needed, Myers persisted. Launching a beta test site applying the basic principles of a floral marketplace, Myers introduced LORA Bloom in early 2020. Then, Covid hit.

2020 was rough, but again, Myers doesn't walk away easily. :)

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