Behind the flowers

A new way to say,

A new way to say, "I love you, Mom" from First & Bloom

Since 2014, First & Bloom has been serving Seattle's Eastside communities with local flower delivery and more. I absolutely LOVE delivering some of the finest local flowers around, but I recognize how consumer buying habits have changed over the years. I will always say there is nothing better than a hand delivered arrangement of fresh flowers to one's doorstep. But, what if you want to send flowers to someone who doesn't live in First & Bloom's delivery radius? Well, now you ship them. 😉

Just in time for Mother's Day on May 14th, I'm launching a new shippable called, The Field Fresh Box. Dabbling in shipping flowers nearly two years ago, I struggled with preserving quality and feeling out of control within the shipping logistics game. Then, something clicked last summer and I've been waiting for this moment ever since. The difference this time is that I, for the most part, set the conditions.

For the growing season, First & Bloom will be offering two flower varieties to be shipped in a box within Washington State only. At the moment, it's tulips and daffodils coming from Fall City and Preston, WA. You'll be able to choose one bunch or two bunches. You can have just tulips, just daffodils, or mix-n-match for one of each! Also, I'll only be shipping flowers out on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, which should arrive next-day ground by UPS. By June, the flowers will be changing again. As an example, if you place your order on Monday, the flowers should ship out by Tuesday, and arrive by Wednesday.  But, if you order on Saturday, I will ship the flowers on Monday, to arrive on Tuesday.  Through my testing, shipping has been most consistent in the middle of the week.  Shipping out on Thursday to arrive on Friday, hasn't always worked properly.  Freshness is imperative for the quality of the flowers to withstand the journey they take. 

Intentional about limiting the shipping zone to Washington only, I have consulted with flower growers to determine flower varieties which ship well and worked hard to create a nearly compostable or reusable box. Lastly, pricing and presentation was important. I didn't want just a bunch of flowers packed in a box and sent as a gift. I wanted recipients to open the box and experience field fresh flowers like I do every day. Just like how customers comment on the entire package of flowers delivered by First & Bloom, I want people to have that same experience when they open a shipped box.

If you have a loved one you would like to send something special to, give The Field Fresh Box a try.  There's just something so touching about receiving field fresh flowers.