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What is the work you can't NOT do?

What is the work you can't NOT do?

Several years ago, I watched a Tedtalk by a gentleman named Scott Dinsmore.  "How to find work you love," caught my attention and so I watched it.  Little did I know how impactful his words would be.  Soul searching at the time, I wrote the words on the whiteboard in my office.  I never forgot those words and often revert back to their meaning. 

I highly recommend listening to what Scott Dinsmore had to say.  He has MANY strong points.

(photo from my office.)

If there is one thing I’ve learned in owning a business, it’s that nothing is constant.  You have to be agile, willing to ebb and flow, be headstrong in your mission, and also pull out a stash of stiff grit on a regular basis.  There is a reason so many businesses fail.  Lots of reasons actually, and a big one is because it’s hard.  Like, it’s REALLY hard!  Hard doesn’t mean unachievable though. 

I’ll be honest, sometimes I sit back and think, “What the hell am I doing?”  It’s a legit question I work through regularly.  I personally have to kick myself in the ass and make things happen.  Me. Myself. I. 


When I’m knee deep in back- breaking wedding work at 2am in the morning or stressing about the beautifully thought out workshop I put tons of time into that hasn’t signed up a single person, I have to slow down and regroup. 


My business is nearing the end of year five.  That’s a huge accomplishment.  I’m in.  I’m still all in.  And here’s why. 

I have a lot of passions in my life.  When I worked in the travel industry, I lived and breathed it. If you were traveling somewhere, I would ask what hotel you were staying at and how you booked it. When I worked in the aviation industry, I loved learning about the process of building 777’s and strived to push hard for billable hours for my company.  As a teacher (so long ago), every thing I laid eyes on seemed like a teachable tool or moment.  Even a recycled cereal box would have me wondering how to use it in the classroom.  However, with each of those professions, life lead me in a different direction.  Each decision was difficult and sad to leave my place in that company.  I thought I might get lost and become irrelevant in those industries.  Yet over time, I learned it was ok.  It was ok to let them go.  Those industries are still there if I chose I could go back to them. 

However massive and exciting these industries are, none has moved me the way the flowers have.  None could answer the question, “What is the work you can’t not do?”  I can’t NOT do this.  I can’t not be in the floral industry.  No level of frustration, exhaustion, or the many moments I feel like giving up, I still come back to, I can’t not do this work.


Just like Scott Dinsmore, I want to leave you with one question... 

What is the work you can’t not do? 

A final note….. Recently, wanting to see where Scott Dinsmore ended up in his career, I tried looking him up.  Sadly, I learned he passed away a few years ago.  I was shocked and saddened. Yet, it reminded me we only have one life to live and should use that time pursuing our passions.  Wherever Scott is now, I thank him for his story and words.  I draw strength and inspiration from them still today.


 All photos by Missy Palacol and in collaboration with Home With Holly J and Laughing Goat Flower Farm