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Floral Wars | The Northwest Flower & Garden Festival

Floral Wars | The Northwest Flower & Garden Festival

# 2 on my list of 2018 Favorites is đź’— FLORAL WARS! đź’—

(If you know me personally, you’ll likely smile over this one.) I… perhaps… might be a bit competitive. I love a good competition, especially for a great cause and in the name of fun. When Debra Prinzing of and asked me to participate in Floral Wars at the Northwest Flower & Garden Festival in February, without hesitation I said YES!

Regardless of winning or losing, (I did lose… graciously to one of the most influential florist’s in the industry, Toby Nelson of @tobeynelsonevents ), the experience was fantastic. 

.💡 TAKEAWAY!!! 💡. I was nervous being in front of an audience and having a microphone attached to my clothing. To top it off, there were three separate rounds, 20 minutes each where I had to design three beautiful creations while the audience asked questions! Talk about staying focused! It was all worth it and so much fun. My advice would be to step out of your comfort zone no matter what anxiety you feel. When I don’t think about things and just do them, I don’t talk myself out of it. I just do it! Maybe I wasn’t perfect like a seasoned public speaker, but there’s only one way to get better.

Photo credit and other acknowledgements: @dkprinzing , SLOW Flowers and @nwfgs @ Seattle, Washington