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Rose Workshop in the Skagit Valley | Flirty Fleurs & All My Thyme

Rose Workshop in the Skagit Valley | Flirty Fleurs & All My Thyme

Next up on my collection of Favorites for 2018 is #4 the Rose Workshop I attended at All My Thyme Rose Farm in Skagit Valley, hosted by Flirty Fleurs! 

I had always wanted to visit Dawn Severin’s Rose Farm and LOVE taking classes from Alicia Schwede of Flirty Fleurs.  The setting was picturesque and the roses were romantic.  I learned a great deal about growing roses vs. farming roses- there’s a BIG difference! Both are extremely passionate in their fields and above all lovely ladies inside and out.  It was also at this workshop I met more amazing ladies in the floral industry which again lead to more opportunities in the year.


Takeaway!!!  What I remember most about the rose workshop was rose farming is tough!  Seeing this trait in other flower farmers, this experience remaindered me why passion, drive, and grit is so important in the floral industry.  Our social media feeds are filled with gorgeous flowers of every kind.  We can marvel at its beauty in a small picture or scene.  Yet, getting to that point literally took pain and lessons learned. I have the highest respect for anyone in the flower farming business. 


Photography by B. Jones Photography

Host/Venue by Alicia Schwede of Flirty Fleurs and Dawn Severin of All My Thyme.