Behind the flowers

Brunch on Lemon Grove Lane

Brunch on Lemon Grove Lane

In the Pacific Northwest, blackberries are literally everywhere this time of year.  Park alongside any country road and you can pick berries to your heart's content. 

Living in Eastern Washington most of my life and a few years in California, I had never experienced blackberries like I did when I moved to the Seattle area.  I grew up making a lot of pies.  On the first birthday I celebrated my husband's birthday, at that time we were dating, I baked him a blackberry pie.  I was in between jobs at that time and money was tight.  Needless to say, there are a few tricks to baking with blackberries I didn't know about.  The pie was so unbelievably soupy and sour, I think it sat in the fringe until it was forgotten about.  I haven't made a blackberry pie since.

Now, I have a new love of blackberries!  Florists actually design with the tips or top-growth of blackberries. It's beautiful as just greenery, but as the blossoms bloom and slowly evolve into berries, the texture is dreamy.  I grab blackberry cuts the moment I see them, which are usually available from mid July through August.  The star of the show though is when the blackberries bulk up and transition from green to deep purple.  They take on a red raspberry appearance, but given time turn into a deep dark purple.  In an arrangement, blackberries are truly magical and so long-lasting!  

Blackberries actually took center stage for a recent collaboration brunch at Leslie Carney's home of Lemon Grove Lane.  Leslie is all about healthy living for the every day.  Joining in the fun, was my gal pal Missy of Missy Palacol Photography to capture the day.  We picked the perfect warm Friday and actually created two tablescapes.  Unanimously, we all agreed we loved the blackberry farmhouse table scene inside Leslie's beautiful home.  Have a look and let me know what ideas you love! And…. If you visit my store, I'm offering an exclusive offer right now for 15% a minimum order of $65.  Follow this link here and use the promo code: LemonGroveLane

Leslie's neutral home décor palette really allowed for the bright colors of summer to shine. 

When planning out your tablescape, choose complimenting flower colors to match the food.  This will give the table a cohesive appearance, and your guests eyes will travel first to the food and flowers and then take in the remaining table elements.


Doesn't this sandwich look yummy!  Wholegrain bread, mixed greens, sliced turkey, brie, and chia-blackberry jam!  Again, the blackberry color is carried throughout the table and onto the cheese platter.

I personally sampled my fair share of these cookies baked by Forest Fairy Bakery in Issaquah, WA.  The top cookies are blackberry thumbprints and the lower cookies were their version of a miniature sugar cookie, called Pixies! 

This beautiful day would not have been complete without the creative soul behind the images.  Missy of Missy Palacol Photography amazes me constantly.   I have learned so much from her over the years.  Having a photographer by your side as a small business owner and influencer is imperative.  In this business, we wear a lot of hats.  At some point as a business owner, you'll need to justify time vs. money.  A photographer is worth every cent of money to give you that extra time.

Thanks to Leslie Carney for welcoming us into her home and Missy Palacol for always being there.  


Location: Lemon Grove Lane

Photography: Missy Palacol Photography

Florals: First & Bloom

Cookies: Forest Fairy Bakery